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 Post Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:56 pm 
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Felix adds his two cents.

"The Seeker is directly controlled by Azash and is capable of using powerful magics to keep itself from harm, this not even counting the fact that it's hide was tough enough to stop bullets from my rifle. Capturing it alive seems like it would be easier than trying to kill it."

 Post Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 1:23 am 
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Roger finds a description of the last Zemoch war, five hundred years ago. Apparently the Elene kingdoms won; though their victory was pyrrhic in the extreme. The Zemoch army took more casualties and was eventually forced to flee, but the Elene army had been destroyed to the point where there were no longer enough men available to work the fields; the famine that resulted from this was apparently the cause of more death than the war itself, and the Elene kingdoms are still recovering their population, five hundred years after this disaster.

"There are no other insects like the Seeker in this world," says Piper. "Azash keeps a single breeding pair of adults in a - a separate place, from which they cannot escape."

Vanire snorts. "Hmmm. That sounds serious." He asks several questions about the appearance, last known location, and known abilities of this creature, and notes down the answers. "I'll send out warnings. Don't worry, my men are mostly well versed in combat magics; I'm sure that we can at least make it regret meeting us, if we find it."

And, eventually, the time comes to seek out the crypt...

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