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 Post Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:34 am 
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Felix's eyebrow twitches as that whole bombshell got dropped. Things are falling apart crazy fast. A whole lot of assumptions were wrong. Might be time for an exit plan.

Felix pats Piper on the head and whispers.

"Hey, you think you have an idea for an exit strategy?"

Working on the assumption she doesn't, he'll talk to Aramsham and try to calm him down. He leaves the task of talking to Piper to someone else while he tries to calm the situation down.

"Aramsham, you should calm yourself. Do not let this deceiver get the better of you. After all, you said that not even the church would cross that line. As I've been saying,
we know who some of the corrupt elements are and we have means to find the rest. Give us the task of punishing the wicked. Prepare yourself for peaceful dialogue instead of war."

Free tag on Not Even the Church? Tag Broken Alliance. Tag Halo Effect.

 Post Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:32 pm 
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Moderator of DOOM!
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Arkady is really unsure now is the time, but...

"Holy one, war now or later is still war. Martel wants you to throw your followers at the Church Knights. Does the True God really want the same thing as the consort of Demons, or in His wisdom does He have a better plan? You are His prophet, He will share His wisdom with you."

Tag: Prophet (on Aramsham), Broken Alliance, Consort of Demons (on Martel, should be free), Defensive Pacifist, Church of Many Doors, Protector of the Faith (demons are bad for Catholics too), and Get Thee Behind Me (you know, demons). Besides, under the circumstances there may literally be a demonic presence in the room to be tagged against. If so, tag the other anti-demonic traits.

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