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 Post Posted: Mon May 30, 2005 11:04 pm 
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OK, ladies and gentlemen, here we go. This will be a dice-based game, but all game mechanics will be hidden from you, the humble player; because I find that makes people think more in terms of story than sttributes and dice-rolls. Stats and whatnot will be established by me based on your descriptions of your characters. I like my intrigue, and there'll be a fair amount of NPCs working behind the scenes at cross-purposes to one another, so this isn't the game for you if you're into nice basic battles between good and evil. Your characters will be pretty ordinary people, but everyone will be allowed one Dramatic Moment to help you pull off something you normally couldn't handle. Further Dramatic Moments will be handed out at my discretion to players that entertain me.

Now for a bit of background:

In an effort to improve his standing in the eyes of the international community, following a series of damning human rights reports, the Emir of Kalkushtistan has decided to allow a small team of researchers to survey potentially exciting archaeological sites in his country for the first time. A proper dig isn't possible, as the country is currently in the midst of a low-level insurgency by various seperatists, pro-democracy groups and Islamist organisations (universally labelled jihadi terrorists by the Emir and his allies in the West), so this will just be a preliminary investigation. The expedition is being privately sponsored by the 14th Earl of Rothersborne (as a result of which it was forced to allow his thrill-seeking son to come along for the ride) and is being led by Professor Andrew Davis of the University of Cardiff. Your character must be someone with a reason to be on this expedition; a graduate student, private security contractor, some sort of specialist etc. etc.

If you're interested in playing, PM me your character description. Make sure you include a name, some background, physical characteristics and personality details. Include any skills you have, including obvious stuff like being able to drive. Do you know how to use guns, can you ride a horse, are you multilingual? These characters aren't meant to be particularly exceptional people, so think about putting in some handicaps and disadvantages if you want to be a genius or a colossus or somesuch. I'll help you fine tune if you don't quite fit in with game mechanics.

I'm limiting this to 4 players, first come first served, so if you really want to play, get PMing

Ok, I'm gonna scrap this one due to lack of interest so I can focus on a completely different game that will hopefully intrigue people more.

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