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 Post Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2005 5:27 pm 
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Well, it's been a long road my players. This was my first RPG, and though it had it's flaws in plot and system, it was still an honor playing with everyone on the boards. This game gave me my greatest friends and players on the boards, and I know it will be missed. However all things must come to an end, and this game never really recovered from the personal RP segment, which I won't do again, at least not that extensive. I'll be leaving this thread open for questions, comments, and goodbyes as I offically end my first RPG ever on the boards.

So I'm sure the question is, what would have happened? Bear in mind, this is what I had planned, but things change according the RP players give back.

Well, let's start with the current battle. You'd guys would chase Akuma down untill you figured out that Ether was only half the key to beating him. Ether made his body take a physical form so he can be damaged, but being already dead, he'd be able to recover from any damage done to him. However, with a damaged body the soul of his decentant became vunerable, and with Jeren's help, you'd figure out that libertating the soul inside him would destroy him completly. His soul would still be around, and after some idle threats, a lesser god named Articuno would decend and smite the hell out of him.

After that, it would just be a matter of freeing Vixey, with a short tearful reunion between her and Mako, then it would be off to Angel Island where Vixey would remove the barrier and you'd all venture inside to find... Absoulutly nobody. Gear has long since gone. Inside, you'd find the White Chaos Time Emerald, which appeared by the Master Emerald almost 20 days ago in the timeline. Gear used it to go to the next Flux Point in time, how long ago wouldn't matter, as by taking it you'd all end up at the same exit point around the same time. After saying bye to Mako and Vixey, and possible arguments between Shiva and Koshka (cause Shiva would insist on going, and would), you'd all activate the White Emerald and enter the time portal. Your destination?

The Mage Wars. That's right, after learning of it, you'd go back and experience the Mage Wars, all eventually running into your counterparts and past versions of yourselves. Using time senses, you'd figure out Gear was attempting to assassinate the Sealed Warriors of the past to try and undo all of your powers. The question would be, would he spare Akuma as to not undo his own? This would open the door for some massive RP, attempting to change people and the past while maintaining the steady flow of time. Rp would happen, you'd eventually track Gear down during the apex day of the war where the Seals were first formed and battle him on the hilltop where the disaster with Akuma happened. Unfortunatly, it would have to be -after- said disaster happened, as any interfearance would undo your powers, and undo the future. The time paradox would be too powerful to fix, so you'd arrive after your past selves had died and Darious had found them... however.

Gears real goal would become aparent then, as you would all find him standing over the body of Darious Vixen, the time mage. With Darious dead, Vixey would never exist and thus never be able to seal him in Angel Island. The seal would keep gear from ever gaining any power, and thus leave him far weaker than he should be. After the battle with Gear, you'd end up killing him as he'd reveal that his death here would be useless, as his future self would never get sealed in Angel Island and he'd be free to crush Mobius as he saw fit after tossing you all back into the time portal. He'd die laughing. Shortly after you'd find the Blue Time Emerald on Gear's body and use it to move to the next point in time.

The next point would be far into Mobius' future, past the point you went to to fight Akuma. It would be a wasteland, a total post-apocolyptic planet with very few pureblooded Mobian's left. The cities would be run down on the surface and be full of other races from other worlds, the entire Milky Way Galaxy would be under Gear's iron fist. The would be no sign of a time emerald, no sign of time displacement, and no sign of Gear. You'd all hit the realization that by erasing Vixey, Gear fixed the fluxes in time and made it solid once more, meaning that his future could not be altered.

Shortly after, you'd meet a young Rocket Knight named Alex, the son of Sparkster and Cherry. He'd have a powerful blade which would be a fusion of Luminaris and Solaris, Makosan's swords. You'd learn he trained directly under Makosan his whole life, and when Mako was killed, passed the fused blade onto Alex. Alex would be your guide in this horrid furture, and through RP and study, you'd find that even if you found Gear he'd be at the third tear of the Sealed Warrior, Sealed Sovergn. (spelling?) You'd also use you time powers to look and realize that no matter what you'd try to change in the past, Gear's power over time would undo it. All would seem lost and unchangable...

Untill you ran into someone who knew more than Alex. Akuma himself, but changed thanks to the coaxing Yumeken would have given him in the past. He alone would hold the key to defeating Gear, and the risk would be unthinkable. To undo Gear's hold over time, you all would have to undo time itself. To do so, you'd have to travel back in time to destroy Gear's Father, Morbuis, and then back in time to challange the god Chaos himself. Killing Morbuis would be the only thing that could be done that Gear could not stop, and by doing so, you'd undo Gear. However with his powers over time, he would not be erased, but exist outside of time. The good thing about that would be, that by existing outside of time, he could no longer stop you from changing the past. After hunting down and finding the Green Time Emerald in that era, you'd be off to the Angel Island wars of the past to kill Gear's Father.

With Gear's father dead, you'd find the Yellow Time Emerald and go back to the begining of Mobian time, hunting down and destroying Chaos without getting killed or erased by Destiny herself, who would think you were nothing more but time travelers trying to undo life. Chaos would be a powerful foe, but with his death the Chaos Emeralds wouldn't exist, and thus Gear's power over time wouldn't either. Since Gear's powers allow him to exist outside of time, but with those powers gone, a huge paradox would tear time apart. Time would stop.

Within the time Paradox, you would all hunt down the remaining time emeralds and confront Gear for the final time. You would use the power of the Emerald to attain your 3rd Tier forms and have one final battle to decide the fate of time, for with all seven time emeralds you could forge time however you wished it to be. After killing Gear, you'd reforge time and the game would end depending on how you all fixed it. End of story, end of RPG.

So what do you all think? Did you enjoy playing this? Post your comments and goodbyes here, and once again, thank you so much for playing this game. It's made me a better writer and GM for everyone.

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