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 Post Posted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 4:04 pm 
Nifty Admin of Doom
Nifty Admin of Doom
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poingy wrote:
Not NEARLY as hard...actually, I suspect this is easier than I want it to be.

1) Not a comic, but you won't have to go far to find it. Look for some knowledge on how the Fat Man is so WOH-PAH! agile.

2) Remember to be polite and always put things back when you're done using them.

3) OOOH! Comics! I like comics...hey, this isn't MegaMan!

4) What's the story, morning glory?

5) Laziness, laziness. Tell you what, just copy the last half of that sentence down and take it somewhere where you might feel lucky with it.

6) Who are they?

7) The fourth one.

8) Elsewhere, they're called "markets."

9) Largest listed donation, but comes second in locations.

10) He worked in a circus, you know.

11) What's so spectacular about it, anyway? I'd better look it up.

12) I've never really cared for these films. Sure, the hot women and gadgets are cool, but a Scottish accent on a British man?

13) It makes about as much sense as a English accent on a French man. Ok, click on someone, doesn't matter who. Find the person that shares part of his first name with the Earl Grey drinking captain I was just talking about.

14) Google the last seven words of his statement. I might be getting confusing here, but don't worry, you've gotten this far, and if you pay attention, you'll be lucky enough to get to the end.

15) Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't drink Red Bull before bed, then.

16) Where are they sleepless? Surely the city has a webpage.

17) When I visited the site, it was 16 degrees outside. What is it now? Better click on More.

18) 93.9 was one of my favorite stations when I lived there...

19) Ok, final question: Who's playing at Schuba's on Sunday?

Here's where ya play!

 Post Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 2:35 am 
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Wowzer the scavanger hunt!

There is nothing to hunt in the previous post. Not even rules. How evil!

Oh, well. Go fetch me the name of a comic series who involves the following:

1 -Early introduction of a cute but cynical talking bunny/rabbit capable of fighting. But extra large!

2 -Stick weeks and other lazy weeks, but extra lazy!

3 -Summoning the greatest ancient evil available in the first few strips from a book out of boredom, but extra foolish!

4 -A tragic female character whose rather curvy, has a memorable "who am I?" panel, with a mind influenced toward violence, master of slicing enemies, who pulls up her shirt once showing breasts for the purpose of showing something else, who seemingly can't die, but with an extra eye!

5- Haloweed-only demonic powers, but with extra main character hiding in plain sight!

6- Someone who really nailed the trick to make dimensional travel practical, but with extra pain!

7- Audience-loved "good despite being a demon" female character with pointy extremities no good for fine manipulation, but with extra stripes!

8- An evil book a mind of its own, but with extra talking!

9- Good hearted chick with no special powers or gadgets, but extra naive!

10 -A demon with horns, who sets a member of its own gang on fire. But extra often! (if you can't find the name of the comic already, forget this hunt - you don't know Jack!)

11- A memorable "didn't know -- could do that" with wings appearing on demonic creature who never had them before. But so extra evil you'll have to look at them with an eye closed!

12- Cool site and forums and al the fan thingy equivalents sluggy has, but with extra three-eyed icon appearing in your browser where sluggy has a normal symbol!

Hint: it's not sluggy or sluggy-related, and no sluggy characters has ever done a crossover to or from this comic. But I swear the author must read sluggy a bit for the coincidence stuff (if you don't think the author reads sluggy, find a comic with MORE sluggy coincidences)!

P.S.: this is part of my "scavenger hunt find-my-2nd-favorite-comic's name" style. Feel free to ask the next person with something not quite by the rules of the older scavenger hunt or just ask a pic if you're out of ideas...

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 Post Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 8:40 am 
Nifty Admin of Doom
Nifty Admin of Doom
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Posts: 1699
Location: Atlanta, GA
I guess we should have included rules...

Basically, each numbered step is a clue. start at the first one, and look for something on the webpage that fits the next clue and follow the link. Some people are especially tricky and use type-in's, ie the page shows a picture of torg, so you're supposed to type in .


1. The reason we're all here (go to
2. I wanna buy stuff (click on the link to sluggy store)
3. How do we verify this is authentic? (click on the link to Thawht)

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