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 Post Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2004 7:08 pm 
Nifty Admin of Doom
Nifty Admin of Doom
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Hello, and welcome to WGARS! This forum has been set up to facilitate games, creativity, and non-serious, less structured discussion. All of us here at hope that you will enjoy yourself and take part in the fun.

The point of this thread is to lay down some posting guidelines for WGARS that may differ from standards of acceptability in other forums on For the most part, WGARS tolerates much more in the way of frivolous posting than do the other forums, but that does not mean that anything goes here.

Please don't forget that the Community Standards apply just as much to WGARS as they do to any other thread. Go ahead and read them now if you haven't already. What follows applies strictly to WGARS, although other forums may adopt similar conventions.

  • Most, if not all, of the word game threads have rules for playing. Before you post a reply to such a thread, please read the original post carefully so that you understand what these rules are. If the rules are unclear or you have a question concerning them, please PM the person who started the thread and ask to have the rules explained before you post a reply.
  • In general, trivia games work best if all players are allowed to both guess at answers and ask questions. Limiting the question-asking to the original poster tends to make games stagnate. We reserve the right to open trivia contest threads to anyone with a question to ask.
  • Please do not start threads too similar to the threads already there. If we have one trivia game going on, we do not need another.
  • The moderators must be able to read and understand the content of each and every post on WGARS. If you make it difficult for us to read your post by writing it in 1337, or ROT-13, or Hex, or in Sanskrit, etc., we may just delete it. This is not to say that cryptogram games or games involving languages other than English are not allowed. If you wish to start such a game please let a WGARS moderator know via PM (and translations would be appreciated).
  • Certain formatting codes make posts difficult to read. These include, but are not limited to, using white text or any font size smaller than 9 ("small"). Just because phpbb makes these options available does not mean that you need to make use of them.
  • A certain amount of repetitiveness is tolerated in both the games and the more unstructured silliness. However, the humor value of a post diminishes rapidly each time someone copies it, while the annoyance value grows exponentially. If someone makes a joke or posts something in a clever way, resist the temptation to reply with the exact same joke or clever format.
  • Also, bear in mind that some jokes or posting formats were neither funny nor clever the first time. "Non-clever formats" include, but are not limited to: posts containing no text, posts containing a great many blank lines, posts containing endlessly-nested quotes, etc.
  • Repetitiveness from people in terms of posting is also frowned upon. A poster shouldn't have every other post in a thread, it severely limits what direction the thread will take. In general, a poster should rarely have more than 2 posts on one 15-post thread page.
  • If you post large quantities of text without spaces, it really messes up the horizontal size of the window. If you do this, a moderator will add spaces to your post to fix this problem. It would, however, be preferable if you did not do this in the first place.
  • The 10-page rule requires that sometimes a game or other popular thread be locked at an inopportune time. In these cases, the game or thread is allowed to be restarted once the old one is locked. Like individual posts, however, certain recurring games and other threads get very old, very fast. Therefore, once the second thread gets locked the game may not be restarted for a period of at least one week.
  • Word Association games will be locked instantly. Games that require no thought whatsoever and lead to an endless stream of one-word posts are boring, not entertaining, and therefore nobody ever reads them.
  • Random Silliness has fewer rules than any other thread. However, we are limiting it to one ten-page thread per week, and this thread must be started by one of the moderators. All random silliness must be confined to the Random Silliness Thread. If you want to start structured silly threads, that is fine.
  • From time to time, a game or a thread just doesn't generate interest. Please do not "bump" a dying thread by posting to it repeatedly. We also would prefer that you do not advertise WGARS threads in other forums. If people wish to take part in the thread, they will find it easily enough.
  • WGARS is a little more relaxed than the other forums in what constitutes abuse of the emoticons. This does not mean that you may use lots of them in every post, simply that you can use them here in ways you cannot in, say, Sluggy Related Chat.

Remember: all things in moderation, lest all your things get moderated.

If you have questions or comments, please contact one of your friendly neighorhood WGARS mods: dotwarner, Kullervo, or FearTheMullet.


 Post Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:05 am 
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Hi, dot! Feel free to fix the thread title if I didn't get it right. :torg:

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