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 Post Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2007 8:49 pm 
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This forum is for political discussions and discussions of highly opinionated topics, such as religion. This forum was started to keep those things out of General Chat where they had a tendency to spill over into other threads and create hurt feelings. However the intent of this forum was not to let posters run wild. You are still expected to debate civilly and intelligently and follow the rules.

Over time many topics that could have gone into General Chat were started in here, leaving GC a little barren of discussion. We are now in the process of moving some topics back to GC, if you start a discussion here that a moderator feels is better suited for GC your thread will be moved.

Basic Rules
1. Community Standards are in effect for this forum, as they are with all the other forums. Please review the Basic Etiquette and Don't Be A Jerk sections.

2. Rather than editing only those parts of a post that actually violate community standards, if a post is found to be in violation, the entire post will be removed. We trust that if you're smart enough to be posting here, you're smart enough to know what's cool and what's not on The Sluggite Zone.

3. This forum operates on a 3-strikes rule. If you are warned by one of the forum moderators via PM, that counts as a strike. On the third strike, you will lose posting privileges to this forum permanently. (You will still be able to access the rest of the forums, however)

4. Silly or joke threads do not belong in this forum. POOP is not funny!

Banned Topics
Topics that you are not allowed to talk about are:
1. Gun control
2. Abortion
3. Operating System Wars

This is because Pete said so. The issues have been talked out and there are other places on the internet better suited for debate of these topics. The matter is not up for debate. This is Pete's message board and that's the way he wants it.

Rules for linking to blogs in POOP
Linking to articles and data is encouraged here in POOP. If you hang around here long enough, you'll find that other posters will frequently ask you to provide links and cite your sources. However, a few restrictions on links apply.

1. As per general Community Standards, you may not link to other discussion forums and message boards. This is to prevent disputes in other parts of the internet from spilling over onto

2. You may link to blogs in POOP (but not the rest of the provided that these rules are followed:

a) You may not link to your own blog. This is not the place to advertise your own political commentary. The only exception to this rule is if you have written an incredibly long treatise and wish other sluggites to give you feedback on it, in that case we'd prefer you to host it offsite (if possible, not mandatory) to keep the Sluggy board easy on everyone's eyes.

b) Do not link to other blogs and ask Sluggites to go over there and post comments praising/criticizing the author. Do not go to blogs and ask their readers to come join arguments on

c) Link to blogs only if you want to discuss what's written in the blogger's own main post. Don't provide links to things that you or others have written in the blog's comments section. This is like linking to a message board.

d) Be cautious when linking to blogs to support your arguments. You can do it, but be aware that blogs represent the point of view of just one person and that their contents may be inaccurate. Don't be surprised if others challenge their veracity.

e) The general rules for quoting copyrighted materials on apply to blogs too: don't quote people's entire blog posts here. You can quote selected snippets, but not the whole thing.

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