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 Post subject: Hedgewars
 Post Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:52 pm 
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I wanted to share a game with you guys which I've been playing a lot of and which I've found to be insanely fun: Hedgewars.

First of all, Hedgewars is open source and totally free, very stable and with a good netcode for the multiplayer.
Secondly, when you first look at it Hedgewars initially appears to be Worms. Not the new crappy 3d Worms, but the old fun Worms.
It's only when you get into it that you realize how much *more* it is than Worms. It's got the basic Worms game in it, yes, and most of the of the Worms weapons, and the graphics are almost exactly the same as Worms: Armageddon or World Wide Party. But it's more than that. The high end weapons are marvels of inventiveness (and well balanced too, if you were wondering). These are not just kill everything grenade variants. One of the weapons is the Portal Gun from Portal. And that's just *one* of many awesome and nuanced devices. In the hands of the very skilled, the rope is the most deadly weapon in the game.

But that's not all. The basic rules of the game are infinitely changeable, coming packaged in multiple "modes," and with hundreds of user modifications. The basic Worms style game isn't even the most popular mode. The most popular is Highlander, where each hog (worm) had its own inventory and starts with a (semi) randomized selection of 1-3 weapons and utilities. When one hog kills another it adds the dead hog's weapons to its inventory. Oh, and using a weapon or utility doesn't end your turn.
This completely changes the nature of the game. Suddenly it's all about tactical deployment and acquisition of resources (weapons) and denial of those weapons to the enemy, the game ebbs and flows with sudden last minute reversals. Sometimes the best course is to suicide before the enemy can get your weapons. Sometimes you need to sit back and wait for someone else to accumulate a bunch of power in one vulnerable asset, then strike and claim it for yourself. And sometimes the best thing to do is to kill your own own hogs so that you can accumulate individually useless weapons and abilities into one superpowered hog that can sweep through the level (but can you do it in the 30 - 40 second turn time?).

And there are many other modes.

Also, the game will run on damn near anything, and the way the netcode and turns are structured makes it very resilient to slow internet connections.
There's generally 10 to 90 players on the multiplayer, at rather odd times for a US resident; there are more in the morning and afternoon and less in the evening. Something to do with the game being a European production. But there's always someone on.

So, anyway, check it out.

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