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 Post subject: Introductions
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2022 7:20 pm 
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Been reading since 2002.
Several years ago, maybe a decade or something, I dunno, I made an account to make an off-comment about the strip that day.
Then some time after that I added a defender account.
Then I let it lapse because I started having kids and stuff.
Then I did an archive crawl at the beginning of the pandemic because pandemic.
Then I introduced my husband to sluggy. He already knew, I'd already shown him several comics, I'd even read a few of them to him aloud, like reading a book, but this time it caught his interest in a new way, probably because pandemic. So I started reading it to him regularly, and having no ads during this time presented itself as a positive. We're in late 2008 now. He thinks I'm being facetious when I allude to a major cast member's fiery fate.
So then I rejoined the defenders under their "new" terms, rather than a lump sum a year terms, and have no ads. This is good.
Several times, I have come to the forum to comment and find myself unable to. This is irritating, but not too bad, since I do have a problem obsessing too much over social media. But it's still irritating: I can't even message someone, as if I'd know who to message, to find out what the deal is.
Eventually, today, after several tries and suddenly realizing that this is a problem to be solved not an inconvenience to be endured, I at last noticed that we're supposed to introduce ourselves before we can post and stuff. Presumably because we only want the company of bots who are sophisticated enough to introduce themselves, rather than those lame bots who can click a checkbox that says "I am not a robot". HOW many times have I scrolled past that announcement? This hurts my head like math.
Anyway, ya. Hi.
Now that I can hope I've solved this, I may move on to other, greater mysteries like why my desk drawer won't open. Should I find out or should I keep contorting my hands like a cirque du soleil cast member to get to the stuff within? The cost-benefit analysis hasn't come in yet.

 Post subject: Re: Introductions
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2022 12:24 am 
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Well hello there....your excellency.


Yeah, a while back the forums had an issue where no one could login, it was frustrating, but got fixed once the proper authorities were notified. Also, Pete's account got hacked!! FUN TIMES.

Anyways, glad to have you aboard and again...

WELCOME! + PESTER!!! er, your excellency

*Returns to Relative Obscurity*

 Post subject: Re: Introductions
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2022 5:45 am 
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Welcome. And your drawer can't properly open because it is the new Digbot outpost. Just act like they weren't there and you should be fine.

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