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 Post subject: Introduction
 Post Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:33 pm 
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Long time reader first time posting...obviously. Been reading the comic off and on since college. Got turned onto the comic because of John Ringo's "There will be Dragons" having Bun Bun as a side character in it. Loved the character so much had to find out where it came from. And have loved the comic since. My style of reading has been to stop reading for a while then come back and read a ton to catch up as trying to being spoon fed daily just drove me crazy. Doing it this way I have reread the first couple of years multiple times and enjoyed it every time.

Anyway just wanted to offer my condolences. Lost my dad in 2010 so I get it and wish you the best during this difficult time.

 Post subject: Re: Introduction
 Post Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:46 pm 
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Welcome to the form locksheer!

Another Ringo convert I see. I was one as well, but I became interested in the comic after reading the first Posleen book digitally, and it had an extra section with an entire sub-chapter from the comic. Surprisingly, it wan't until coming across that, did I even know there were these things called "web comics" floating around the internet.

Started searching for and checking out the many out there, but weirdly, Sluggy was only checked out cursorily. It wasn't until many years had past that I remembered to actually get back to the thing and read the entire archives. After that, I was hooked and was anxiously waiting for the next day's strip to go up.

Anyway [member's name here], now I will tell you about the strange tradition aimed at newcomers.

At one time there were Pesterers who pestered you for poetry, but that tends to be very rare nowadays. Even though you may not be pestered, if you do go and post an original poem --usually haiku but any (clean) type is accepted-- written by you, you will most likely receive a gift in return. The "gift" will most likely be useless or maim you. Whichever it may be, it should be interesting and surprising. Lastly, this strange tradition applies to the pestering not the poetry. You are not required to do anything more to be a member here...unless you want to possibly get a [name of harmlessly fatal item here] or some other type of gift.

Now go forth and do (almost) whatever you want, just don't speculate in Reactions.

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