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So I made a list of events of the past week or so in the story. Here is the timeline that I came up with, roughly following strips from January-September. (Because that is what I should have been doing, not preparing for a meeting). Can't say that it is flawless, but here goes:

Sometime within the week before hC falls:

Torg dreams of everyone falling
Torg leaves Zoe
Riff experiments with Digbots
Torg talks to Digbot about the plan
Torg tries to avoid Riff at the Casino
Torg makes the “Meet me at the cliff” viral video
Torg goes to the cliff and waits

Next day
Riff surveilles Torg
Oasis arrives at the cliff
Riff gets mad at Torg and leaves
Torg tries to get Oasis to control her powers
Chaz tells Torg Oasis is innocent
Oasis and Torg come to the casino
Squishy tells Torg about Sin’thea La’Mort
Oasis rooms with Gwynn
Torg tells Gwynn to stake out Sin’thea La’Mort

yesterday” The day before hC falls.
Chen makes a deal with Schlock
Gwynn stakes out Sin’thea La’Mort
Torg and Riff argue about Riff’s creations and resemblances to 4U City tech
Sasha captures Gwynn
Sasha calls Riff
Torg, Riff, and Oasis go to the hotel to rescue Gwynn
Riff meets Sasha and makes her release Gwynn
Sasha tries to convince Riff of her change of heart
Override B-1
Oasis kills Sasha
Riff finds Sasha dead
Riff, Torg, Oasis, and Gwynn make their way back to the casino in disguise
Riff, Torg, and Izzy co-miserate and drink
Bun Bun finds out they drank his booze
Bun Bun agrees not to kill them so he can see Plan F
Kusari “Cleans house”

“Through that night”
Izzy, Elves, Crustero, Percy take down hC’s public image, military contracts etc.

Now they split up.

Shoddy suits and Digbots attack hC
Riff’s remote shoddy-suit is destroyed
Oasis stays to fight
Riff and Bun Bun arrive
Aylee, Kusari, Oasis, and Bun Bun fight
Bun Bun takes off Kusari’s mask
Riff learns Kusari is some version of Sasha

Meanwhile, Torg:
Oasis and Torg fly
Oasis and Torg arrive at Hereticorp
Riff, Aylee and BunBun arrive at Hereticorp
Oasis is killed
Hereticorp Facility is undermined and collapses in a giant hole
Kusari pops Torg’s hoverbike
Oasis emerges after being cloned, Chen injects her with something
Torg runs into Kusari
Oasis appears and attacks Kusari
Oasis stays to fight
Torg runs after Chen
Torg and Chen find the rebirth facility
Torg and Chen find Dr. Steve’s clones
Torg and Chen find Dr. Steve’s office
Chen finds the watc
Torg and Chen find Oasis’s cloning chamber
Chen explains a lot about Oasis (cloning, not human or paranormal)
Chen shuts Torg in Oasis’s chamber
Torg decides to go deeper

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