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 Post Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2007 8:23 pm 
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Hello everyone, and welcome to the top half of the On Topic Forums, also know as Reactions. This forum was specially created to give you, the loyal Sluggite that you are, a place to offer your opinion and/or constructive criticism of each of the daily strips, be it on the art or on the plot twist. What's nifty about this fourm is that often Pete himself peruses the posts in order to gauge the various reactions to his comic.

Reactions is like any other forum in that all posts must adhere to and abide by the Community Standards. However, unlike the other forums, Reactions has a few conventions and guidelines of its own.

  • No one is allowed to start a thread in Reactions but the Moderator. Each night, at some point before the comic goes up at 12:00 AM eastern, the Moderator will post the next day's reaction thread. You'll know the current reaction thread because it will be the only thread that is stickied.
  • Please do not post to the stickied reaction thread until the comic for that date is up on the main page of Sluggy Freelance. Any posts to the stickied reaction thread before the comic for that date is up will be deleted. A PM will be sent to the user to inform them of this.

    **On rare occasions it may be necessary for Reactions threads to be posted hours or days in advance, in those cases this will be explained in the thread. Please try to pay attention to the dates if there is more than one stickied thread and do not post before the comic is up just to comment on the very early threads. The above rule still applies.
  • There is to be NO speculation in any of the Reactions threads. Speculation includes, but isn't limited to, guessing at future plot points and guessing at what may be unclear in the strip. What is and is not speculation is left up to the Moderator. All speculation will be edited out with a note from the Mod left in its place. (Speculation Removed! -greg) Since we know you all need to speculate, a forum named Sluggy Related Chat is there for just that purpose.
  • In general, excessive emoticons, the use of emoticons in place of character names, large or tiny fonts, and text colors other than black will be edited in the interest of keeping the forum readable. Remember, these threads are so Pete can see what you think of each comic!
  • Since this is an On Topic forum, anything that strays too far from the topic of the thread will be steered back in the right direction as soon as possible. Deliberate derailing of a topic (known as hijacking) is highly frowned upon.
  • If your thread is edited, and there is a Moderator note in place, DO NOT edit the Moderator note.
  • Please try not to respond to Reactions threads that have not been posted to in 10 days or more. Usually they are all talked out by then and Pete and everyone has moved on.
  • Occasionally Pete has guest artists to fill in for him. You are allowed to express your opinions of the comic but keep it civil. Any comments that are inflammatory or personal attacks on the artist will be removed.

To sum everything up, use Reactions to tell everyone just what you thought of the comic for that day. Then zip on over to SRC and tell us what you think is going on. ^__^

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Post new topic  This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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