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 Post Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:58 pm 
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"...shooting them in the head doesn't do it. They just keep coming after..."

*change*'re stupidity Saturday. It is amazing you think we can negotiate with these blood-thirsty aliens. Every time we've tried, it has..."


"...been very successful Sunday. The upsilon protocol the government has initiated, was created by the best minds for..."


*...the low cost of only 9.97! But wait! If you order before our species becomes extinct, we'll double your order for twice the price! Just pay separate postage and handling! Order now before Alien-B-Gone is..."


"...going to kill us all. But that's not true. The esteemed Doctor Fael, has figured out why the aliens are hard to stop. Why nobody will listen to her, is because of what happened in the past. That is no reason to utterly ignore her as she tells us..."


"This suuuuucks!" the ombie laments as it watches the holovision. "Two thoussssssand channels, and they taaaaalk about the sammmme thhhhing on every channel. Some ommmmmbies show up, start devourrrrrring the populous, aaaaand they havvvve nothing else to talk abouuuuuut. Geeeeez."

With a sigh, from where he is sitting, he lazily looks around Zalt's extremely mess home.... The ombie spots something. "Cooooould it beeee?"

Picking up Omi's upper cerebral shell, from the large quanity of various shell bits littering the home, the ombie is delighted to see something. "Ooh, there's stiiiill some braaaaain left in herrrrre! Goody!"



Wow, no reactions at all to the two clips from the bonus story in book 11.... It has been about 8 years since we last saw Basphomy, figured someone would of said something.

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