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 Post subject: Avatars - Updated rules.
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:02 pm 
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rit had posted this previously and it all still applies:

rit wrote:
Yes, Avatars have been re-enabled.

If you abuse them, two things will happen:

a) You'll be banned from the server
b) You'll likely lead to avatars being disabled again

Please act with consideration regarding avatars: Nothing obscene, nothing racy, nothing offensive. When using avatars, keep the following in mind:

a) Children use these boards.
b) People use these boards from work.

So obviously, think of things that you wouldn't want your kids to see, or wouldn't want their parents to see them seeing. And the things you probably wouldn't want your boss seeing over your shoulder.

On that note, a few more things:

a) We are no longer allowing avatar uploads, due to abuse. If the offending content is hosted on our server, our ISP can hold us responsible.
b) So, avatars are now 'remotely' hosted. You'll need some webspace (there's lots of free places, I'm sure someone can start a thread listing it) where you can drop your avatar.

This rule also still applies:
Avatars are to be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels.

This however is new:
We have decided to allow avatars to be up to 40 kbs.

It had come to our attention that there were several avatars that were the correct pixel size but were way over 10 kbs. Many of these were quite amusing, animated avatars and I enjoyed seeing them. One of them is exactly like an avatar I asked someone to make me for LiveJournal a while ago, so I guess that made me partial to reconsidering the kb size.

Since I am currently struggling with an annoying dial-up situation and these avatars did not slow down my page loading I decided that we will allow the larger kb avatars. Also, this is the same size allowed by LiveJournal and my connection never has a problem with those.

Some additional comments: There are a few of you with wonderful avatars that are over the new 40 kb limit and I really don't want to hunt you guys down and ki... send you a PM about it, you know who you are so please reduce your avatars to the new allowed size. If you need help with that there is always the avatar help thread in Important Threads.

Secondly, I would much rather tell Bun-Bun that he's a cute widdle huggy bunny than increase the pixel size ever, so please don't ask. Avatars over the allowed pixel size are very noticeable because they not only take longer to load they stretch the page all out of shape and that gets me out of shape.

If you use an avatar over the allowed pixel or kb size, I will disable it, I am giving all of you a few days to correct any avatars that are out sized. Please save me some work and do this yourselves.
Thank you.

To celebrate our new larger kb avatars we may be announcing a little something soon once we work out the details on that something.

There's a duplicate announcement in General chat for comments.

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