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 Post subject: Darkness OOG Thread
 Post Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 9:59 pm 
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Hello, all.

I'm investigating if anyone would be interested in a game of Darkness. The game is set several thousand years after the 'Fall', the exact nature of which is uncertain, but it involved the arrival of daemons on Earth, the scorching of the surface, and the loss of most of mans' advanced technology. The surface is now inhabitable again, and many live there, along with dwarfs, elves, gnomes, halflings and a variety of other creatures (who may be variously mutated humans, aliens, genetic constructs or magical beings, depending on who you believe). Plenty, however, still live in the Undercities; self-contained communities run by Artifical Intelligences determined to protect man from himself. The surface is much more primitive, with sufficiently advanced technology being treated as daemon's work in some places, but magic is much more accepted and widely practised.

Much of the plot isn't too original, but I quite enjoy it and like the game system, and have been devising some good ideas (in my opinion at least). I urge you all to browse the site to get a feel for the world and game mechanics, and let me know if anyone's up for it.

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