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 Post subject: Re: The Snuggly Duckling
 Post Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:01 am 
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"Life is pain, Countess. Anyone who says different is selling something. You've lasted this long, a few more minutes won't make much difference in the long run. Now, all you've managed to do is give me a reason to tolerate your continued existence, if you were still in control of the Red Court in the area, if killing you meant fighting my way past an army, only to have to deal with you at the height of your strength, for no other reason then because of what you are. As it is, just about everyone in this city who would recognize what you are would have killed you without hesitation, including those of your brood. Those who survived the White Counsel raid have been having the time of their lives painting the town red while you were locked up, in many cases literally. The murders are what drew me here in the first place, and I don't think they'll stop just because you say so. Not when they can just go and haul some poor bastard off the street and drag him down a dark ally for a nice snack whenever they feel like. And there's more then you realize. Vaz has been busy building an army you know, although neo-barbarian horde my be a better descriptor for it. A whole cubic buttload of vampires who would laugh and spit in your face when you tell them to stop, and then kill you, just because they felt like it."

Brecon takes another swig of the anti-venom.

"But none of those angry hateful people are here right now. I am. And as it stands, I'm probably the only person within a hundred miles who's willing to listen to what you have to say, and maybe, just maybe, give you a second chance if you'll only tell me why I should save your miserable butt!"

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Post new topic  This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 136 posts ] 

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