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 Post Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 10:11 pm 
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As Harmony listens to Tiranade's explanation, her expression darkens... until finally she shakes her head.

"No. That won't work. In fact, I suspect you already realize this. You may have tried utilizing the Blight on them and failed. You say that you hope by connecting them through the Blight, they will find peace through shared pain."

"That reasoning is... no. It won't work. When you are in pain - agonizing pain - do you really, truly believe that encountering someone else in such pain is going to suddenly reduce that pain? 'Oh, I'm not alone, there's someone else who's existence sucks as much as mine'? No. All you are getting is two beings who get connected together... and their pain will probably amplify off of one another, and make everything worse."

"What you are trying to do..." Harmony stops, apparently putting her thoughts together. "Imagine you are listening to a symphony. The symphony is all out of tune. Wrong notes everywhere. This is your average Unknown. All these bits and pieces playing their own notes, some too loud, some too soft, none of them trying to match the others. Now, imagine that a marching band goes by that symphony. The marching band is just as bad. The steps mismatched, no organization, the music out of tune, out of sync. What you are proposing is putting those two together and hoping that they make music. They won't. They just... won't. The cacophany, the disharmony, the disjointedness... just becomes all the more pronounced."

"The reason why the Musica Universalis gave them peace temporarily is because of what it did. MUSE played it to bring my soul back together - all the little pieces, all the scraps, what little was left of me - connected them together, yes, but it also brought them back into harmony. And that is why it gave them peace - temporarily, it gave them that same harmony. It balanced them out, brought the myriad souls back into tune. It's as if suddenly the symphony was given sheet music and started followed it until the sheet music ran out. Once the sheet music ran out, it was back to normal..."

She goes quiet, into deep thought. "Connecting the Unknown together more than likely will do more harm than good. It will amplify their pain off of one another, and likely only enrage them further. No... I believe that the only way an Unknown could be... cured, so to speak, is if the Unknown were to make peace with every little bit and piece of soul they were made up of. That is the only way the pain would ease."

 Post Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:45 am 
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Alexis looks vaguely contemplative, but doesn't do anything to attract the attention of the scary powerful blight-wielding might-still-be-evil person.

He just continues to hug Chandi, and tries to stay in the background.

 Post Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:51 am 
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(OOC - Group RP!)

Lumina turns to Tiranade "So... Tiranade... What you're saying is that, and correct me if I'm wrong here... You're saying that any sort of soul destruction could potentially result in the creation of an Omnipowerful, Omnicidal Lovecraftian Nightmare capable of ending all life as we know it?"

"Not any." He corrects, "Total. Total takes a lot of energy... planet killing energy. Solar System destroying levels... but the danger in Gods and Mortals experimenting on souls is if they GET. IT. WRONG. A chain reaction on that level... they will not be able to stop." He raises a finger, "So Soul Experimentation is bad... but on a level lower than those who openly destroy souls."

Lumina sighs, pulling out a chair and slumping down into it. She covers her face with her hands and just sits that way for a moment before continuing. "That's a small relief, I guess. So that means I have a little bit of time..."

She uncovers her face and looks straight at Tiranade before continuing. "I need to go home. After this is done, after you finish your explanations, I need to go home and deal with the danger it is in. If you're right about these Unknown... That they can be created through such measures... Then I need to go home and make sure it is safe. Make sure it STAYS safe from that Mad Abomination..."

"Well that's good." He grins, "Cause if you all are going to work with me then I will be sending you on low-unknown-risk missions. Places where the potential to make Unknown will eventually appear if they are not stopped... but you won't be going directly to your world, at least at first, you'll be going to the world of the man who created Feral." He lets those words sink in.

Lumina's face goes pale and her entire body tenses up. Several emotions flicker lightning fast across her face. Fear, anger, sadness and despair all vie for control before being drowned out by a tidal wave of shock.

"S-..." Lumina stammers, her tongue tying itself around the first word. Swallowing, she continues. "Say what?"

"Feral is an experiment himself... one of a man who I feel may have ties to the more corrupt in the Arbiters. You've met already. His name is James Xanatos."

Lumina immediately stands, her entire body bristling with Lightning. Her clothes hover about her and her shocking pink hair stands on its absolute end as she loses her freaking mind, swinging both of her fists down onto the table with enough force to shatter the bones in her arms.

Athena is at her side in a flash, stopping the momentum and dispelling the lightning with a single finger on each hand, "Easy Lumina... easy..."

Her forward momentum stopped and her lightning dispelled, Lumina immediately raises her face skyward and starts shrieking at the top of her lungs. Small flecks of blood splatter her lips, her chin and Athena as her vocal cords start to tear.

"Xanatos... the CEO of Xancorp. Why am I not surprised... The Xenoforce. The Runaways. Experiments in soul manipulation. That's why those mortals had so much power." Harmony looks at Lumina with sad eyes. She cautiously moves in front of her, listening to her scream. For right now, she doesn't do anything. Lumina is too far gone for anything Harmony says to get through to her.

Serpico draws his pen. "That doesn't look good. Should I help, Teach?"

"Let her rage. If she has to lash out, she can lash out at me. I can take it, and she needs to get through this now, not later."

"Let it out Lumina." Athena holds and comforts her, "Better here than on Xanatos." She looks at Tiranade, "They are going to see him are they not?" He nods, silent and watching.


Struggling against Athena's hold, Lumina yells still louder. Ether gathers around her body once again, giving her voice a thundery overtone. "MY ENTIRE LIFE'S PURPOSE WAS JUST TO CLEAN UP AFTER SOME BASTARD'S SCIENCE EXPERIMENT?!"

After that last outburst, she starts winding down and her screaming subsides. But still, she continues. "My creation and deprivation of any sort of normal life I could have had was some sick joke at the hands of a jackass with delusions of Godhood?!"

The energy leaves her body. She stops thrashing and leans against Athena. "Everything I went through... My entire life... My death... And I didn't even die facing the final boss? Is there still more I must do to make sure Neo Gaia can stay safe?"

Lumina lets go and slumps back down into the chair.

Tiranade sighs, "This is why I feel the Arbiters are wrong... they hide facts. They break students. I? I tell it like it is, even the hard truths. I want you all to rest - I can explain more about the Unknown later if you wish, or now. It is entirely on you all. But I will be assigning you missions should you wish to take them. I will not hold you back."

Serpico looks over at Lumina. "Maybe, but hasn't today been crazy enough? I dont think shes processing it well."

As Lumina winds down, Harmony bends forward to lay her hand on her shoulder. "I do not know what you went through, or what was done to you. I will not tell you that it gets better. But you survive, and still survive, and will survive... just so long as you don't give in to despair. That's all anyone can ask of you. If you have to, focus on the rage. The flames keep the dark at bay."

Her eyes still on Lumina, Harmony speaks to Tiranade. "When we last encountered you... MUSE took a certain form. The form of a young man. You recognized him... feared him... called him Unknown."

She turns to look at Tiranade directly. "A young man with golden hair and golden eyes. You encountered him. Tell me. What happened." She doesn't seem to be asking.

Tiranade takes a moment, a long moment, to look into Harmony's eyes before he decides to answer. "He was the first Unknown I ever encountered... it let me know his race existed for sure. As it was my first time encoutering a being that doesn't exist I... reacted rather poorly. From what I've learned of him since? With how rare it is for an Unknown to name themselves? I'm convinced he spared my life."

Harmony's eyes close in pain, the hand on Lumina clenching painfully into her shoulder. "Well... at least there's that much. At least... there's that much left."

Next to Harmony, the glowing orb of MUSE emits a high, keening note... and then goes completely, utterly quiet, a blue screen with white text slowly scrolling up appearing before it.

Tiranade nods, "A name is one of the strongest things tying something to reality... I am sure you cannot recall his original name, nor can your computer there write it or find it in his memories. But he's renamed himself... I don't know if it means anything to you, but he goes by Irax."

Harmony releases Lumina's shoulder and backs away from her, gently pulling MUSE with her. "No. The name means nothing to me. I can't be grateful for that."

"I need to know more. We... need to know more. Please."

 Post Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:38 pm 
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Once Tiranade finishes his explanation of the Unknown, the Awakener remains silent for some time. It ignores even Lumina's outburst, as it remains deep in contemplation. Finally, it turns to Tiranade, and speaks again. "Are you certain of the nature of these beings? Of their eternal pain, and inability to escape it? If so," the Hollow God states, "then it appears I have indeed found my new purpose. I have only experienced such wrongness once before, on my own world. It appears that this was but a introduction into the true nature of wrongness."

The mask then moves from TIranade, focusing on nobody in particular, as the Awakener makes a truly final proclamation "Their pain must come to an End."

 Post Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:07 am 
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Chandi's form remains prone, little reaction even as Alexis places his wings around her, and Lumina attempts to comfort her with a simple gesture. For all intents and purposes, she's shut down. After a few moments, the dark goddess moves, shifting herself until she's sitting on the floor of the void room, Alexis' wings hanging around her like a large blanket. Her eyes close, as her legs cross, and she begins to chant softly to herself. Even to Alexis, close as he is, the chanting is near inaudible, and what he can hear is in a completely foreign tongue, reminiscent of the words Chandi spoke in the presence of the Arbiter Council. As Lumina begins her outburst, Chandi's chanting ceases. Gently, Chandi raises a hand from beneath her winged covering, and pushes off Alexis' arms. "Thank you Alexis." She says, quietly. "I think someone else needs this more right now, however." Chandi opens her palm, and tilts her head slightly towards Ajagara, who cocks his head sideways, then chirps, and skitters down to her palm. Chandi's quiet chant resumes, and a small series of runes glow along Aja's side, each a different color. The miniature dragon leaps from her palm, one bluish-gray rune lighting up and lifting the "pet" on a small burst of wind, to rest gently on Lumina's shoulder. He crosses quickly, curling around the back part of Lumina's neck in the closest thing it can call a hug, and the golden and opalescent runes burst, forming a small ring around Lumina's neck. Their appearance is brief, and the result is minimal, but Lumina's throat feels as though it hadn't been torn, and the feeling of Chandi's energy wrapping around Lumina like a warm embrace can be felt by the pink-haired warrior.

A sharp burn stretches across Chandi's back, her scars begin to pulse, and throb, her eyes form pinpricks,flickering in color from gold to brown then back again, and her teeth clench tight. A few moments later, and the feeling ceases, and her scars seem, if anything, a little less painful than before. Chandi lets out a breath that seems to have been held for an eternity, and stands up, turning towards Tiranade. "I suppose I have two questions for you, Tir." Chandi says, trying to shake off the strange, yet uncomfortably familiar feeling. "They're only partially related to the Unknown though, more to do with you." She raises her hand, and lifts up her index finger. "One, since you cannot seemingly lie, I want to know your side of the story concerning the fight between you and your brother. All of the details, up to and after Athena was teleported away. And secondly," she raises her middle finger to join the first, then hesitates. "Secondly, have you encountered Eevee's Unknown?"

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