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 Post subject: FAQ Lite
 Post Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2006 11:48 pm 
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Moderator of DOOM!
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The GMs can post to this as they please; explaining what is (or isn't) going on in their games, posting conventions, and such like. If there's something you'd like us to expand on, drop us a PM.

For my games...

Fringeworthy is a multi-dimensional exploration type game; vaguely similar to Stargate SG1 in feel (though it rather predates it). The controlling agency is the UN, the badguys are a malignant bunch of shape shifters called the Mellor, the original builders are in hiding (bipedal bear types with prehensile tails called Tehrmellern), and the players are among the one in 100,000 sane adult humans who can use the Fringe gates. The game itself is run on a GURPS base, with all character sheets and rolling done by the GM. At start, characters are almost any ordinary human from 2010ish Earth; since very few can go, it doesn't matter much what else they are if they're Fringeworthy. Currently moribund.

Rifts is essentially a prequel to the previous game; taking place several years earlier. Currently starting out.

Posting Conventions in my games (not necessarily in Fallout):
+Out of game/out of character+
*Elemental Speech* (Caverns only)
<Transmitted> (Fringeworthy only)
Ordinary action or expository writing.

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 Post Posted: Mon May 01, 2006 11:37 pm 
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Hmm, interesting...
My only currently running game is-

The Legend of Zelda: Broken Trinities
This game takes place in a sort of alternate dimension version of Hyrule that most closely resembles the setting of Ocarina of Time. It heavily relies on the styles of Ocarina, Wind Waker, and LttP, though it is sprinkled with elements of story and setting from every game in the series. It's currently in hibernation, though I hope to get it running again later this month. It uses a very lose kind of system with generally defined abilities and battles going with what seems reasonable.
There are many dropped characters that could use new players, however, it is already a good ways into the storyline, perhaps even approaching a definite halfway point, so it may be difficult for new people to join. If I get a good group of new people I have a couple of ways I could insert them into the story with a bit of ease.

These are basic conventions that I tend to use.

Actions and exposition
"Spoken or written things"
"Telepathic messages."
(OOC: Out of character)

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 Post Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 11:58 am 
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I'm currently running two games.

A Star Wars game, set during the Mandalorian Wars (just before Knights of the Old Republic). Coloured text indicates prominent NPCs:
Malak, Jedi star and friend of Revan.
Kavar's Disciple, who shall soon be known as "General" to the Republic forces.
Master Kavar, head of the Jedi Guardians and chief warrior of the Order.
Chancellor Tobin, Head of the Galactic Senate and former Senator from Onderon.
Mandalore, chief of the Mandalorians and leader of their new crusade.
Text conventions are "standard": "speech", thought, <"radio">.


Ashes of the Angels is a Vampire: the Masquerade game running down in FRPG. There are no real text conventions, other than "standard", as above.


Previously I was running a Warhammer Steampunk game. It has closed. I'm saving the conventions in case someone picks it up later.

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 Post Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:35 pm 
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I've run a lot of games. Many have died, some multiple times, the one that hasn't has been running for quite a while now though (30+ threads of more than 20 pages on average).

It's Not Dungeons and Dragons!
Basically math-less D&D 4E. Running Keep on the Shadowfell at the moment.

In my games, I use the following posting conventions, which other players don't have to follow. They are encouraged to do so.
"Spoken, colors represent languages"
Internal thoughts, overhearable by telepaths, sometimes telepathically transmitted thoughts.
"More telepathically transmitted thoughts."
<"Radio transmissions">
Actions or expository writing.

Languages in Rifts:
American (no color)
Spanish (brown)
Russian (red)
Psi-Stalker (blue)
French (dark cyan)
Euro (dark green)
Elven/Dragonese (olive)
Wolfen (orange)

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