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 Post Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 11:30 pm 
Senior Community Staff
Senior Community Staff
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Joined: Tue Feb 26, 2002 12:00 am
Posts: 2667
Location: super-entropy
So glad you asked, Mr. Thread Title!

This week, I've been ...

reading: The Odyssey; The Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove (fun little alternate-history Civil War novel); The Meaning of Everything by Simon Winchester (impossibly funny and highly recommended reading for anyone who loves words or snarky academicians)
studying: two movies for a theatre class; basic accounting; some calculus
listening to: evening jazz and classical on NPR
watching: Project Runway finale (yaaaaay Jay!); crappy 6th season Buffy episodes; good first season X-Files
eating: chicken strips, cheap cheeseburgers, frozen peas, and popcorn (I looooove popcorn)
doing: working, going to school, playing trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings, pet-sitting and cooing "Paws!"

How about you?

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 Post Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 11:48 pm 
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Joined: Thu May 09, 2002 12:00 am
Posts: 56
Location: Stripeys are Love
Ooh, spiffy

reading: Richard II, Henry IV Part I, Njal's Saga, and Laxardal Saga
studying: See above, as well as ancient Fertile Crescent civilizations, specifically Sumerian and Babylonian, astronomy, German history, culture, and civilization, reflexive German verbs and pronouns as well as the narrative past tense
listening to: Agalloch obsessively. Honeslty, they got 122 plays in one week, the next highest was Faith and the Muse at 22 plays... My Dying Bride, Miranda Sex Garden, and Tragic Black have also been getting a lot of plays recently
watching: This has been an odd week in that I've actually been watching things, but I've got Beetlejuice, The Brotherhood of the Wolf, Elizabeth, and X. Been trying to get Shaun of the Dead, but it's never at the rental place. :(
eating: Garlic and grilled cheese sandwiches, french toast, baked potatos, salad, rice krispy treats
doing: recovering from a cold, going to work, going to class, taking make up tests, chatting on IRC, flirting with a cute guy I met the other day (don't have his phone number yet, working on that), and playing a Vampire: the Masquerade LARP


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 Post Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 11:51 pm 
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Joined: Mon Jun 10, 2002 12:00 am
Posts: 469
Location: Tahiti!
Reading: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm on "So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish" right now. Mmmmm, strange romance.
Listening to: things! Mix tapes of my brother's, mostly. The Metropolis soundtrack.
Watching: random episodes from X-Files--seasons 2, 3, 5, and 6. Green-eyed vampires make me happy.
Eating: "another one of those weird South American fish." And sandwiches. Mostly sandwiches.
Doing: playing Heroes of Might and Magic IV, waiting for my dad to get back from wherever it is he's gone off to so we can watch that recorded episode of Lost, drawing Hitchhiker fanart

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 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 12:16 am 
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Joined: Sun May 09, 2004 12:00 am
Posts: 325
Location: Darn spiders!

Reading: Herodotus on occasion, Judith Tarr's Hound and the Falcon trilogy (again), the Hermetica, and last weekend's newspaper (again). Oh, and the Sluggy boards.
Listening to: not a lot, actually, but I have Missy Higgins going through my head, does that count?
Watching: Troy, Battlstar Galactica. Tonight indulging in Law & Order: SVU.
Eating: chocolates, pasta, sandwiches. All terribly interesting. Currently drinking a bottle of Coca Cola (full strength of course)
Doing: caring for a sick child, working my tail off in the office, choreographing another dance, contemplating breaking up with my boyfriend.
Planning: my weekend away with my girls. Yay!


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 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 12:20 am 
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Joined: Fri May 21, 2004 12:00 am
Posts: 657
Yahoo Messenger: firewater_tears
Location: I figured, everyone's doing the self avatar thing, why not me?
Reading Anything I can get my hands on, right now "The mark of the Cat"..can't remember the author.
Listening to a midi version of "Cotton Eye Joe"... I dunno.
Watching: The inside of my eyelids. I'm sick, go figure.
Eating a slim fast and maybe a sandwich a day.
I'm sick, you know.
Doing: Trying to take care of myself while still keeping the house clean for all the visitors that keep coming down.
Plotting: World domination and the laboratory crafting of a real life BunBun

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 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 1:02 am 
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Joined: Wed Sep 01, 2004 12:00 am
Posts: 6868
AOL: RuanalHallen
Location: What matter wounds? For each time he falls, he shall rise again and woe to the wicked!
Reading: Just finished rather, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragonlance Chronicles Vol I.

Listening to: Naruto OST

Watching: Some paintball show on TV, don't even know what channel.

Eating: Cheetos...and no, I'm not naked sitting on a beanbag chair.

Doing: Plotting the rise of the Tokugawa clan using ninja, emmissaries, and small armies. And trying to keep the Shimazu from taking my last toehold in the western part of Japan. S:TW

Plotting: See above. And to set Pete up as Shogun of Japan so he'll always have a supply of money for the strip.

 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 1:35 am 
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Joined: Thu Jul 03, 2003 12:00 am
Posts: 650
Location: Blah suck
This week, I've been ...

reading: Cognitive map formation through sequence encoding by theta phase precession
studying: Formal Methods for Verification
listening to: Sweet Home Alabama, Haunted
eating: small salad
doing: Working, working, working, growing my corn, working.
plotting: an attempt to be social this week despite my piles of work

 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 2:10 am 
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Joined: Thu Jun 06, 2002 12:00 am
Posts: 343
Yahoo Messenger: thewhymy
AOL: thewhymy
Location: In the middle of a nervous breakdown.
reading: Nothing at the moment but I'm trying to get my hands on Xenocide and/or Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
studying: Physics... Physics... Diff EQ and a dash of New Testament
listening to: From First To Last, Motion City Soundtrack, Nine Inch Nails, Blink-182, Boy Hits Car, Blindside, Incubus, My Chemical Romance, The Used
watching: Samurai Jack season 1
eating: crappy cafeteria food
doing: Trying to get with this girl... going on the Internet, planning ahead to a concert that I'm going to with girl...

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 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 2:40 am 
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Joined: Thu Sep 25, 2003 12:00 am
Posts: 518
AOL: SpiderHunterA
Location: Northern Wisconsin
reading: Dream Country, by Neil Gaiman. Very glad I'm getting into Sandman, because I really don't have the concentration for extended reading right now. (Sorry, Sagaers.)
listening to: Wolfstone--Seven
watching: Ray, Stargate SG-1, random bits of the History Channel, American Chopper
Eating: Sporadically
Doing: Continuing my processing...erm...process.
Planning: My floor's movie and fondue's The Terminal tomorrow.

 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 2:46 am 
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Joined: Fri Aug 01, 2003 12:00 am
Posts: 597
Location: Searching for my mind.
This week, I've been ...

reading: Just finished Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich. From teh library - my husband got addicted to them in hospital. Okay escapism, but I don't like it as much as her Stephanie Plum novels.
studying: Not this week. too busy.
listening to: TV. Background filler.
watching: Random stuff. Too busy to plan TV watching.
eating: No wheat. Just an experiment. Except when I was at an auction yesterday and the only food I could access and afford (tabasco) was cheese garlic bread. I've never had that before and it was much too yummy.
doing: Listing fetish wear on ebay, Drawing excruciatingly detailed pictures for a looming art show, Wrestling the reclining couch I bought at yesterday's auction into the house, running kids here and there, blathering on on Sluggy forums.
Plotting: A barbeque before the weather changes, Planting the front lawn to corn in the spring, Having a major blowout when the Artwork is finally all submitted. My daughter's birthday party.

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 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 3:09 am 
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Joined: Sun Feb 09, 2003 12:00 am
Posts: 30
AOL: kaihuri
Location: On a sugar/caffiene/sleep deprivation high
Reading: Jennifer Government, by Max Barry; Wee Free Men, by Terry Pratchett; about to start Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel.

Studing: for all of my classes...third quarter is absolutely horrible.

Listening to: Dispatch, Angie Aparo, The Flaming Lips, Arcade Fire, Frou Frou

Watching: Garden State

Eating: Most recent was a sourdough chilli bread bowl and sweet tea.

Doing: Not much besides school work and reading.

Plotting: To go to the Angie Aparo concert on March 11.

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 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 5:34 am 
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Joined: Fri Aug 13, 2004 12:00 am
Posts: 921
Location: In bed, when I can help it...
Reading: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, by J.K. Rowling; Baby: Owners workshop manual by Haynes.

Studying: Logarithmic regression and associated formulae (teaching it to a bunch of nurses next week, and haven't done it myself in over 10 years)

Listening to: Green Day and Damien Rice (mostly)

Watching: CSI Miami Season 1, Angel Season 5 (on DVD)

Eating: Tuna this evening, Thai tomorrow, bad canteen food in about an hour.

Doing: writing lecture materials, decorating the bathroom, boarding the attic floor, and facial reconstruction of a plastic skull acquired from

Plotting: To confuse my boss sufficiently enough to sign authorisation on a three-day trip to Leeds to learn about blood spatter patterns and trace evidence persistence at crime scenes.

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 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 8:24 am 
Moderator of DOOM!
Moderator of DOOM!
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Joined: Tue Aug 13, 2002 12:00 am
Posts: 110
Location: Enjoying tea and crumpets
Reading: Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series (just starting book 2); various internet addictions including LiveJournal and
Studying: the testosterone pathway and the feasability of collecting biological samples via the post
Listening to: The Servant (they're responsible for the music in the Sin City trailer), the new Tori Amos album, Jesse Malin
Watching: nothing. We don't have any TV reception here, and there aren't any movies on the list this week.
Eating: baguettes with parma ham, milk tea with chocolate covered biscuits (the British kind, not the American kind), hopefully some home cooking tonight care of Mr. Jade
Doing: Grant writing, playing FF IX
Plotting: A trip to Oxford this weekend.

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 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 9:23 am 
Moderator of DOOM!
Moderator of DOOM!
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Joined: Fri May 23, 2003 12:00 am
Posts: 6788
AOL: gregnier
Location: Do not taunt Happy Fun Mod.
Twitter: BaronJayne
Reading: Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, by J.K. Rowling (gotta get ready for book6!) Gust Front Jon Ringo.

Studying: Supporting Windows XP, Microsoft.

Listening to: Reel Big Fish Why do they rock so hard; Korn Greatest hits

Watching: Battlestar Galactica

Eating: Coffee and A Bacon Egg and Cheeze Sammich.

Doing: Droning through over 500 problem tickets that we have the imperative to close by the end of next week. And Trying to dodge responsability for thee same because my boss is insane and promised what my group cannot deliver.

Plotting: World Domination. Revenge on certain dingbats onlilne. The same thing we do every night.

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 Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 10:12 am 
Evil Game Minister of DOOM!
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Joined: Tue Aug 24, 2004 12:00 am
Posts: 16202
ICQ: 6954605
Yahoo Messenger: shinarimaia
AOL: TamirDM
Location: The City in New Mexico
reading: The latest issue of Dragon.
studying: Project Server.
listening to: Morning Sedition and Fred FM.
watching: M*A*S*H.
eating: Vegetarian.
doing: working, stressing over whether or not I'll have a job next week (I will).

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