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 Post Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:02 pm 
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Spoiler-free thoughts:

Donnie Yen owned that movie.

In general, an excellent cast, with a completely unexpected assortment of some of my favorite actors. What, Donnie Yen, Forest Whitaker and Diego Luna, all together in a Star Wars movie? :torg:

Visually stunning.

Overall? Maybe just a little bit less than the sum of its parts.

 Post Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 12:17 am 
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I thought it was fantastic. I liked The Force Awakens a lot, but I feel Rogue One blows it out of the water. K2-SO stole the show for me. *swoon*

 Post Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:30 am 
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It was certainly Darker and edgier. It was definitely a WAR movie in the theme of Guns of Navarrone or the Dirty Dozen. Bunch of misfits doing what absolutely needs to be done at all costs. No Jedi/Sith. No Light side/Dark side. Just the Grey area in which every war is fought.

It was also the first movie which wasn't about the Skywalker family screwing up the galaxy with their drama.

I think Uncanny Valley Tarkin was actually really well done, despite being a CGI overlay. Really reminds us who the REAL villian in A New Hope was. Tarkin was a political monster. Removing Krenneck from his post and taking the DS for himself was just mean, but totally in character for his backstory. This was someone whom VADER was wary of.

Speaking of Vader. Hoooooolleleeeeeeee shiiiiiit. We've never seen Vader in full Slaughter mode before. Very awesome.

 Post Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:13 am 
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Saw it. Loved it. Still like Empire a bit more, but it's close.

Teared up a bit when I saw Leia at the end there. Too soon.

 Post Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:32 am 
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Liked it.

It has a bit of a fan fic feel. Loads of connections to "canon", and everyone, who is not "canon" dies, so you have a good explaination, why you never see anyone from the "fan-fic" in the "canon" universe.

 Post Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:25 pm 
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I enjoyed it, but it's one of those movies that doesn't leave me with much to say about it, either positive or negative. I suppose now we know why the Death Star had such a conveniently placed exhaust chute.

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