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 Post Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:04 pm 
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I have been reading Sluggy since 1998. That makes me feel like an antique. I was there the first time Bert yelled CROTCH! And I was there the first time Zoe turned into a camel. I was there when the game was called on account of the naked chick. I even own a Kiki shirt and a KITTEN shirt. (Got milk?) I hope these references check out!

So, despite my venerable years, I have fallen behind on reading Sluggy. I've recently begun rereading from the beginning and have loved the new site layout. My plan is to budget so I can start collecting the books. Teenager me never thought about buying books. Married, career-entrenched me is willing to lay off the fast food lunch breaks a bit to indulge in some beloved webcomic nostalgia.

I'm happy to be here among fellow Sluggites! Just... please don't spoil anything for me beyond the space pirate ships. I think that's where I lost track of everything! For that reason, I probably won't browse the forums too much until I get caught up.


 Post Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:31 pm 
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Welcome to the forum snarkqueen!

Well, your "Nifitness Quotient®" is juuuuuuust above the cutoff point, so you're safe and can freely roam around the forum if you dare...

As for spoilers after the Timeless Space arc, I wouldn't worry too much about that. There were only a few more "normal" chapters after that, before Pete became senile and started writing all of the dialogue in cryptic glyphs. To this day, people in the forums are still debating what it all means, if it's just utter nonsense, an elaborate prank with no punchline, or it's a drawn out incantation to summon the Dark One into our world. Nobody is entirely sure.

Then a few years ago, Pete's daughter, Leah, wrested control of the comic away from him, and revamped the entire comic. It's now about the boring adventures of some high school students who usually talk about nothing, everything, and worshiping Satan. It tends to put people to sleep after reading a few panels. It makes many so groggy that when the try to talk about the strip in the forum that it then up saying things like, "You know when she went through the door and, and, um... ah... and... ukyhva jakbsdsdssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss". Still not sure how the press Submit after they fall asleep though...

You know, I kind of miss the Crazy Pete times...

Anyway [member's name here], now I will tell you about the strange tradition aimed at newcomers.

At one time there were Pesterers who pestered you for poetry, but that tends to be very rare nowadays. Even though you may not be pestered, if you do go and post an original poem --usually haiku but any (clean) type is accepted-- written by you, you will most likely receive a gift in return. The "gift" will most likely be useless or maim you. Whichever it may be, it should be interesting and surprising. Lastly, this strange tradition applies to the pestering not the poetry. You are not required to do anything more to be a member here...unless you want to possibly get a [name of harmlessly fatal item here] or some other type of gift.

Now go forth and do (almost) whatever you want, just don't speculate in Reactions. The comics may be sleep inducing but still try not the speculate with your face on the keyboard.

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