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 Post subject: Winux shirt
 Post Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:17 am 
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A long time ago, I bought a Winux shirt to help support this comic. I framed it and hung on the wall for years because that is how I like to decorate. Then, I got married and had some kids. Somehow, I ended up wearing all my old shirts so the Winux shirt has finally given up the ghost and moved on to the dimension of worn out shirts. Please put them back in the store maybe make it a 20th anniversary of that particular comic you know the one where Torg wakes up in the hospital and somebody I foget who is wearing the Winux shirt. Does that serve as an intro and suggestion?

 Post subject: Re: Winux shirt
 Post Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:06 pm 
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Senior Community Staff
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Welcome to the forum Torg McTorg!

Why yes, your post is more than sufficient to prove you are a real metal and oil robot here to crush humanity. You'll fit in quite nicely. Quite nicely indeed...

Ah, the Winux 2004 shirt, it was being worn by Zoe. But unfortunately Pete doesn't read any of the forum except the Reactions forum so he won't see your suggestion here. Personally, I think his reasoning are not really valid anymore, but I doubt he is going to change anytime soon. Though considering how busy he tends to be, I don't think he would have the time to browse the forum. Heck, he gets behind on reading on just the Reactions all the time. So you will have to sneak it into Reactions for him to see it, or you could just message him directly and ask.

Anyway [member's name here], now I will tell you about the strange tradition aimed at newcomers.

At one time there were Pesterers who pestered you for poetry, but that tends to be very rare nowadays. Even though you may not be pestered, if you do go and post an original poem --usually haiku but any (clean) type is accepted-- written by you, you will most likely receive a gift in return. The "gift" will most likely be useless or maim you. Whichever it may be, it should be interesting and surprising. Lastly, this strange tradition applies to the pestering not the poetry. You are not required to do anything more to be a member here...unless you want to possibly get a [name of harmlessly fatal item here] or some other type of gift.

Now go forth and do (almost) whatever you want, just don't speculate in Reactions.

EDIT: Found the image for the shirt

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