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 Post Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:06 am 
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In order to cut down on the amount of spammers on the boards we have upgraded the boards with better spam controls, however some spammers can still slip through, so before a newly registered poster is allowed to post on any of the other forums, they first must post an introduction here.
You must prove that you are not a spammer so you should reference Sluggy in your introduction (reference characters or situations in the comic) so that we can recognize that you are legitimate. Once we are satisfied that you are for real, you will be added to the Full Members group and allowed to post on the rest of the boards.
ETA: YOU MUST POST YOUR INTRO IN A SEPARATE THREAD! If you post to someone else's intro thread chances are good we may not see it when we look for new threads. Also, posting in an existing thread is another spammer M.O.

Please do not post anything like this:
"helo, you have lovely board. keep up good work!" That is a common spammer M.O. and is not specific enough for our purposes.

If you do not post here within three (3) weeks of your join date you will be presumed to be a spammer and your account will be deleted.
It may take a day to add you to the Full Members group once you have made your introduction, depending on the moderators schedules and backlog, please be patient. You may also request to join the Full Members group to make it easier for the moderators to add you. You should be able to request to join in your "user control panel" under user groups. If you have not been added after a few days, please email me at the address in my profile.

If you are a spammer, your spamming options here are limited. New users can only post in this forum on a moderation queue so only the moderating staff will see it. You are also unable to post links or images or message other members. Once you spam here not only will you be banned but your username, email and IP will be reported to every internet anti-spam site we can find as I am sure other sites will be happy to preemptively ban you.

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Post new topic  This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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