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 Post Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 3:48 pm 
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So a long while ago, there was a button men set based on Sluggy Freelance. The only information I can find about it is at ... freelance/ and the information is very vague.

I've been compiling a wiki for the history and original art from the Button Men sets at and would like to get in touch with someone to expand the article on the Sluggy set. (link: )

I'm curious about why the set was delayed, if the original artwork for the characters is available for me to post to the wiki (like several other sets), and the behind-the-scenes of how the set came to be, the playtesting, how much was printed and how well it sold (I never saw it in stores). Any other details and such that whomever was associated with it remembers.

Can anyone help to put me into contact with someone who might be able to help out?

 Post Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 4:22 am 
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Senior Community Staff
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Welcome to the forum TheOrgg!

Sorry I didn't notice there was someone new here sooner. We don't get much spam anymore since the revamp of the site and we probably could away with this "Human Test". But it's still in place. And needs to be checked. Usually by me.

So... I don't know anything about the Button Men game. I'm not sure if there would be someone better, but you could just message Pete directly about it. He doesn't necessarily reply the quickest sometimes but he will probably tell you something.

Anyway [member's name here], now I will tell you about the strange tradition aimed at newcomers.

At one time there were Pesterers who pestered you for poetry, but that tends to be very rare nowadays. Even though you may not be pestered, if you do go and post an original poem --usually haiku but any (clean) type is accepted-- written by you, you will most likely receive a gift in return. The "gift" will most likely be useless or maim you. Whichever it may be, it should be interesting and surprising. Lastly, this strange tradition applies to the pestering not the poetry. You are not required to do anything more to be a member here...unless you want to possibly get a [name of harmlessly fatal item here] or some other type of gift.

Now go forth and do (almost) whatever you want, just don't speculate in Reactions.

 Post Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:16 am 
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Those look somewhat familiar. I wonder if they were also used in Get Nifty? Been ages since I looked at that.

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